Lily Weng

Sales Manager

Born 1974 in Hangzhou/Zhejiang and study in Hangzhou University. Lily is working as a sales manager over 15 years and her expertise is to provide professional solutions.

Adnan Demirel

Project Manager

Born 1963 in Turkey, graduated from technical college in 1993 Düsseldorf/D as chemical technician. Mr. Adnan was working in an international company as project manager in several countries and experience in process technology.

Sandrina Stocker

Aspen Certified Process Engineer

Born in 1992 in Graz, Austria majored in chemical and process engineering at the University of Technology in Graz. Sandrinas expertise is to provide comprehensive solutions based on advanced chemical process technology including sophisticated simulations.

Hedi Nasrudin

Project Manager

Born 1949 in Bogor/Indonesia and study in Bandung Institute of Technology. Pak Hedi was working in international company as head of engineering manager in Jakarta and known expert in mechanical engineering.

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